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We are a friendly club run by highly regarded martial artists who have spent many years training in various martial arts to a high standard with our Senior Sensei Ricky Williams achieving his Masters 5th Dan black belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu and Nidan in Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship).


Shortly after its formation, Helston Ju Jitsu Club was awarded a Centre of Excellence Award from Cobra Martial Arts Association UK for demonstrating a very high level of standards throughout the club and providing a safe, effective and child friendly environment.  This is a massive achievement that currently is only shared by a small number of the 500 plus Cobra registered clubs in the UK and we are all very proud of this achievement.


Adults and children of all abilities are welcome to come and give it a go!

 No Attitudes, No Egos

If you would like to give Ju Jitsu a try,

just come along and get your first two training sessions for free!

18 Aug 2017


Sensei Ricky Williams took a brief break from Ju Jitsu earlier this month to take part in an International Grading for another Japanese Martial Art - Iaido. Whilst there, he lost no time in forging links with other students and instructors from across the world including many highly respected martial artists from Japan.

Sensei Ricky went on to earn Shodan (Black Belt equivalent) in Iaido, training with and grading in front of 7th and 8th Dan Japanese Sensei, who regularly attend Iaido seminars and gradings in the UK.

Congratulations to Sensei Ricky and we look forward to enjoying new links with our international friends - road trip anyone?!

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