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Helston Ju Jitsu Club was founded in April 2016 and is owned and run by Sensei Ricky Williams, a highly regarded martial artist who has spent many years training in various martial arts to a high standard, acheiving his Masters 5th Dan in Japanese Ju Jitsu, and Nidan (2nd Dan) in Iaido. Since it started, Helston Ju Jitsu Club has grown rapidly, with both Junior and Senior classes filling fast!

Our club motto is simply ‘No egos, no attitudes’.  We are a very friendly, family orientated club which caters for all ages and abilities.  We teach people how to look after themselves and how to avoid physical confrontation unless absolutely necessary.  We invite people to train at their own pace with absolutely no pressure to grade unless the instructors feel that they are ready to do so. Everyone at the club is looked after and treated with respect and dignity - all we ask is that club rules and etiquette are adhered to at all times.

In September 2016, Helston Ju Jitsu Club was awarded a Centre of Excellence Award from Cobra Martial Arts Association UK!  Being a Centre of Excellence involves demonstrating a very high level of standards throughout the club which allows us to provide a safe, effective and child friendly environment.  This is a massive achievement that currently only a small number of the 500 Cobra registered clubs in the UK have achieved and we are very proud.

In addition, Helston Ju Jitsu Club has qualified for the Martial Arts Instructor UK training programme (MAIUK), with Sensei Ricky Williams and Sensei Simon Wood being awarded Level 1 Martial Arts Instructor UK and various Junior students being selected as Cadet Leaders.

Visit Cobra Martial Arts Association  to find out more about the Centre of Excellence Award and the Martial Arts Instructor UK Training Programme.

Our Logo

The writing in our logo is Japanese Kanji and means Ju Jitsu which seemed quite appropriate.


The circle is an enso. In Zen Buddhism, which has significant similarities to ju jitsu, an enso is a hand-drawn circle and symbolises absolute enlightenment, strength and elegance.


The circle may be open or closed. Our circle is open which allows for movement and development whereas a closed circle represents perfection which, in my opinion, is an unreachable place.

Sensei Ricky Williams

Helston Ju Jitsu Club